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After nearly four months to accommodate the generation of ideas and the development of projects participants and selection of the best of the best members of the jury, the competition Wargaming Developers Contest came to an end. Just today we announced the names of the winners in each category. But that’s not all. Below, we also noted the work that was not enough to win quite a bit, explain why they should not continue to authors initiated and reported the first details of the closing ceremony of the competition.

WGDC ​​worth spending at least for the enormous feedback from the developer community, which allowed us to establish a dialogue with him and identify problem areas for further development of the service.

From a tender, we clearly understand that there is a need for it in the community, and certainly there will be willing to compete for prizes. What we did not expect was such a number of works. We know that the competition will involve serious players, but by default were ready to search diamonds among the “loot Korowai” and ideas «3D ekshon.” In the end, it came down to a hot debate and the difficult choice of a pretty strong work. Here are the results.

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