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Since I opened the blog, the World of Tanks Portuguese community  been begging me to give light to this issue, and also is something I’ve been complaining for months, and, before I continue, this is the furthest I will go on having an “agenda”, smirking at you conspiracy theorists!
 The Portuguese flag that Wargaming created as an emblem has been wrong for as long I can remember, this is how its displayed:
Used the M5 Stuart on purpose, Portugal had a variant in service, but that’s for another time.
That blue cross in the shield over a white field, that was never used together with the rest of the flag.
This is the flag that Count Henrique used in the early 1095s and so did his son, the first King of Portugal, D. Afonso Henriques and his grandson, King Sancho I until 1185. The first heraldic symbol associated to our history, used when Portuguese started fighting away the Moors from what is now Portuguese territory, almost a thousand years ago.
This are the current flags that Portugal uses:
Civil and state flag and the one that should be used in game (Proportion: 2:3):
Created by Columbano Bordalo Pinheiro (1857- 1929) and adopted in June 30, 1911.

War flag (Proportion: 12:13), the coat of arms is used by our Armed Forces:

Adopted in June 30, 1911.

“Esta é a ditosa pátria minha amada” (“This is my beloved blissful homeland”) a quote from “Os Lusíadas”, III, 21, v. 1.

And now, let’s dissect it by parts:
Green: Symbolizes hope
Red: Symbolizes bravery and the blood of the Portuguese that fell in battle.
5 Quinas: Symbolizes the 5 Moor kings that D. Afonso Henriques, first king of Portugal defeated in the battle of Ourique.
7 Castles: Symbolizes the forts that D. Afonso Henriques conquered from the Moors.
Armillary sphere: A navigation instrument  used by Portuguese sailors during the XV and XVI centuries. Symbolizes the “Age of discovery”, the vastness of our colonial and commercial empire.
(By now you can realize the “badassery” level of D. Afonso Henriques, he is the Portuguese version of Rambo.)

You see Wargaming, we Portuguese kept ourselves busy during this millennium. I know that the developers are aware of this issue since the beginning of this year (at least) but I’m looking at my calendar and some months have passed.
The Portuguese community feels offended, even I that tend to be extremely neutral and I’m not a patriotic fanatic feels offended by this, we just ask respect.
Here, in a friendly gesture I will even leave you the schematics before whoever works on that department doesn’t get inventive again:
That’s all, and now back to other work, this is making me feel like Sheldon Cooper on his show “Fun with Flags”.

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