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9 and 10 May Wargaming.FM team invites you to join the festive ether. For you will sound the history of World War II veterans and historical heading “Military Field Song” as well as live shows with famous guests and raffle prizes:

  • 5 premium tanks;
  • 55,000;
  • 100 days of premium account.

Schedule for May 9 [1,999,004]

17:00 – festive stream in random battles with Gleb Morozov.
19:00 – special edition of “Field-mail” – Welcome to the famous “vododel”
author modpaka “PROtanki» Yusha.
20:00 – interviews with world champions WOT HellRaisers Alexei Near_You Kuchkina
LolWo and Andrey Denisenko.
21:00 – special edition of the “fighting friend”.
22:00 – “Tank stories.” 23:00 – Special WAR-parade, devoted to the songs of victory.

May 10 – the birthday of Wargaming.FM! We celebrate 1 year. You will get acquainted with the narration of life leading the project, learn about the thorny path of the project participants on the air «WOT is the voice” and will be able to win an incredible amount of gifts.

Schedule for May 10 [1,999,004]

17.00 – Final Project «WOT is the voice.”
18:00 – program “Hour of the developer.”
19.00 – special edition “APO.”
21.00 – “Intelligent polygon.”
22.00 – WAR-music hits “Gift for your loved radio.”

Learn the details in our official group of “VKontakte” and live Wargaming.FM.

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