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Thanks to Flametz from US forums for this one. Check this out, looks like this Pershing collision model is missing something…


What could it be, what could it be… oh, that’s right. The entire fucking turret!

Luckily (for us), this is not the real Pershing from the regular US branch. If you look at the name of the model – this is a special “Korean” Pershing. These vehicles with Korean letters in their name are special vehicles for Korean server only. They are used for internet café’s and can be rented for a price. Basically you go to the internet café (big thing in Korea, not so much elsewhere), rent a tank and play. So yea, I am sure the Koreans are thrilled.

And yes, I checked the real Pershing model, it’s fine. I still can’t wrap my head around it, how on earth is this crap happening? A random developer just goes around, deleting parts of models or something for the lulz? Oh well.

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