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Hello warriors,

recently, several people from Minsk (WG RU) crew visited multiple cities creating the series of videos, the topic of which is the 1945 victory over fascism. The videomaking crew visited Poland, Czech republic and Germany. On the picture below, you can see them interviewing Czech WW2 veteran, colonel Přibyl.

Colonel (ret.) Václav Přibyl was born in 1923 in Kiev, Ukraine to the family of a Czechoslovak engineer, becoming an engineer in chemistry himself. When the war started, he was evacuated to Moscow, where he helped (as a civillian) defend the city against nazi invaders. After that, he joined the Czechoslovak forces in Russia and fought all the way through Sokolovo, Kiev liberation (as a machinegunner and supply officer) and the Dukla pass meatgrinder. He was wounded there and upon his recovery, he helped liberate the region of Moravia, where he ended the war.  He was also a part of the unit that uncovered the mass graves of the Jewish victims of nazi terror in Ukraine and even after all these years, it was clear he was deeply shocked by what he saw on the front.

He was kind enough to share his memories of war and the operation with Wargaming representatives, who in turn disclosed that they were interviewing other veterans like this (from Poland and Germany). His Russian was fluent even after all these years and thus the communication was not a problem. On the photo, he is showing the way his unit traveled on his map.

Sadly, this video series is a Russian thing and it is not sure, whether it will be localized to Europe at all. When asked about this, the Minsk crew replied that WG EU meaning is that players from EU server nations do not care about the veterans and they do not want to see them in videos. It’s a shame, I am sure the players would appreciate seeing a piece of their history.

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