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According to SuperData analyst firm research, World of Tanks has earned over $ 500 million (31.1 billion rubles) in 2014 (43million more than 2013) and has become the third largest Internet company after CIS “Yandex and Mail.ru.
And as for 2015 they are predicting earnings of 590 million. Wargaming declines to comment on there figures.

Wargaming shares trades on the “Cyprus Stock Exchange” (CSE) since November 2011 but got delisted on 13 January due to a delay of financial results publication.
The latest official data revealed that during the first half of 2013 the company made 234 million and not by surprise the main income comes from World of Tanks.

In 2014 the largest Internet company “Yandex” and Mail.RU groups made 50.8 and 35.77 billion rubles respectively, Wargaming with revenues of 31.1 billion rubles can be considerate as the third largest Internet company (if we exclude the rating participants who are engaged in online trading).
Also Wargaming currently owns 20.3% stake in “Bank of Cyprus Hellenic”.

Russia’s entire gaming market also grew by 13.3% (1.14 billion) in 2014 according to Newzoo, another data research company.

So yeah boys, if you wanna make the “dough” become a Heisenberg of gaming.

Source: http://top.rbc.ru/technology_and_media/03/03/2015/54f59b2d9a79471774a81450

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