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Hello Warriors,

was browsing Twitter while enjoying a relaxing Saturday and my eyes locked on this:

Wer von euch weiß es? Wie lautete der offizielle Name des Jagdpanzers “Hetzer”? =) pic.twitter.com/VVbGUcOhbz

— Wargaming Europe, DE (@Wargaming_netDE) June 20, 2015
 Basically it translates to “How many of you know it? What was the official name of the Jagdpanzers “Hetzer”? =)”

First, there isn’t such a thing as “was” because what people mistakenly call Hetzer IS a Jagdpanzer 38(t);
Second, that is G-13.

Oh Wargaming, you so silly that it becomes adorable.

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