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Hello warriors,

yesterday I informed you about the fact that a Russian Youtuber called Alconafter, one of the most popular and important Russian WT content makers, was banned on Youtube based on claims from Gaijin entertainment.

Overnight the whole affair started to get momentum on the Russian part of the internet and started to become a hotly debated topic. The users made a petition to get the Youtuber unbanned (currently 2605 signatures)

Alconafter was known for lately posting World of Warships and Armored Warfare footage as well and many speculate (including the sources from WG RU and Mail.ru, AW producer for RU market) that this was the real reason for the ban.

According to Wargaming and Mail.ru sources, both Wargaming and Mail.ru have offered legal help to the banned Youtuber in order to overturn the spiteful ban. Gaijin’s “reason” for the ban is likely just a pretense: the Youtuber claimed he’d have a stream with a former outsourced historical consultant for WT – this is not something unbelievable, in the past WT used numerous outsourcers like this.

I will inform you as the story develops further. This time Gaijin went too far.

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