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Dear friends

We are happy to share the details of an important eSports events this spring – the final Wargaming.net League.

As you already know, LAN-finals will take place from 21 to 22 March in Minsk, at the hotel “President Hotel”.

Zone activity begin its work on 21 March 14:00 Moscow time . The opening ceremony will take place in the finals 16:00 Moscow time .

What where and how

LAN-finals will be held in Minsk from 21 to 22 March at the hotel “President Hotel”. In recent years, this area has proved to be best and not chosen by chance: it is very much like the audience and the players.

Hotel “President Hotel” is located at the address: Minsk, ul. Kirov, 18.

Admission is free.

Attendance is waiting for full coverage of the tournament on the internet and came on 21 and 22 March in the “President-Hotel” fans will be able Meet with special guests of the event: Jove , Arclit and Amway921 .

All guests who came to the match some surprises and gifts from the company Wargaming and partners of the tournament. In between matches you can win prizes, enjoying a game of World of Tanks on personal computers, tablets and consoles Xbox 360. Come support your favorite team and great to spend a weekend!

Zone activity begin their work 21 March 14:00 Moscow time .

  • I place – 55 000 US dollars.
  • II place – US $ 25 000.
  • III place – 12 500 US dollars.
  • IV place – 9500 US dollars.

Competitions in the hall
Best way fan

Come to the final in a suit and bright with a memorable face painting on the theme World of Tanks , Wargaming . net League or favorite team. Your imagination – in your favor! The most vivid images are sure to appreciate, and their authors – awarded prizes.

Fun Bets

Our traditional competition forecasts. Vote before each match for your favorite team and show their talent soothsayer!

best poster

showed his artistic talent and imagination – come to the final Gold Series with a beautiful poster in support of your favorite team!

Better support

Show how well you are able to support the players! Rehearse and come to a group of friends. The loudest, original and interesting “chants” will be appreciated.

Winners of all contests will receive gifts and t-shirts with the logo of the League of scarves, premium tanks, gift sets World of Tanks and other valuable prizes from Wargaming and partners finals.

Online contests
“VKontakte”: Cheer for your!
  1. Read the latest reports of battles during the finals our group “VKontakte” .
  2. Vote for the winner of the match.
  3. Share with your friends the announcement of the game.
  4. Win premium technique.

At the end of each match in the audience who will click “Like” and share in their own page announcement of the match our group “VKontakte” , will be raffled 3 premium tank VIII level .

Attention! The winner will be announced in a broadcast. Confirmation of the prize will be sent a personal message “VKontakte”.

Twitter: Believe in your own team!
  1. Follow the progress of the final battle.
  2. Share your impressions in Twitter.
  3. Participate in the raffle premium accounts.

Among the spectators, sent a message on Twitter from 21 to 22 March, will be played the game gold. After each match on 21 and 22 March, two will be chosen 2 winners who will receive 30 days of premium account.

message should be in the following format: vashe_soobschenie vashe_igrovoe_imya #wglru.
Example: I believe in HellRaisers to the end! schr0d1nger #wglru.
Messages are received on 21 and 22 March from 12:00 to 22:00 Moscow time.

winner will be announced in a broadcast. We recommend not to change the name of the game for a month after the end of the final.

Twitch: Watch the broadcast!
    See the final broadcast on the channel wgleague .
  1. Chat online broadcast.
  2. guess the score of the match.
  3. Participate in the raffle premium technology.

At the end of each match in the audience, who correctly guessed by specifying the name of the the winning team in chat broadcast on the channel wgleague will be played 3 premium tank VIII level.

Attention! The winner will be announced in a broadcast. Confirmation of the prize will be sent a personal message to twitch.tv.

All prizes will be awarded to the winners of the game accounts within one month after the end of the final.


In the final stage of the competition will be attended by the four best teams RU-region, his game to prove the right to fight for the title. The importance of the results of the season is very high, because they will determine who will go on Grand Final in Warsaw. It is noteworthy that this finale will be the debut for the two teams, because last season they were still playing in the Silver Series!

Santa Claus and Six Deers

Beginners higher division, sensationally won the third place in the group stage, and then in the hardest battle against NSS Team dobyvshie a ticket to the finals. Despite the lack of actual experience in major competitions, “Santa and reindeer” go to Minsk with serious intentions, because of authority they do not become flustered.

The Young Lions

Those same guys are not allowed to LAN-finals of one of the favorites of the season – the team Arcade . “Young Lions” and were themselves rookie season, so opponents initially did not consider them as a formidable force, but the season has placed everything in its place. The team has proven that its level is very high, and the shape at the moment is simply gorgeous, and you can expect them to just about anything.

Natus Vincere

Collective Anatoly Barakova aka TheAnatolich needs no introduction. Champions of the world, the most titled team in the world and favorites all competitions, having reputedly the strongest composition of all tank brigades. The task they have only one – to win and regain the title.


Champions Wargaming.net League Gold Series last season, the winners of the regular stage of this tournament, is still not injured a single defeat. On their side of the drive, the audacity and shooting. The main obstacle for the team – the psychological pressure, because to defend the title harder than selected.

Exciting fights with the best professional players, tactical trends and a storm of emotions – all this and more on the LAN-finals in Wargaming.net League Minsk!

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