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The new season – fresh Guide Wargaming.net League.

If you are just getting started with the armored eSports, we will help you to quickly enter into the course of events.


Wargaming.net League is composed of three divisions:

– Gold Series – the top division in which the top 12 teams playing in the region.
– Silver Series – semi Division League for up to 32 teams.
– Bronze Series – a series of regular tournaments for beginners competitive players, participate in the which can take one.

Once a year, the Grand League final. This is the most important and ambitious tournament involving the best teams from all regions of the world.

For more information about the structure of each division, you can find below:

Structure WGL RU

Separately, we offer you detailed rules for each tournament:

– Rules Gold Series
– Rules Silver Series
– Regulation Bronze Series

Gold Series

The first season Gold Series will run from 13 June to 20 September.

There they are – the best teams in the region. Participants Premier Division I season WGL RU 2015-2016.

Summary: The current world champions in World of Tanks. Young, bold and very talented players do not recognize the authority, suppressing his opponents confidence. The main competitor of Natus Vincere in recent years and one of the main contenders for the title next season.

Natus Vincere
Na`Vi – champions last season WGL RU. Winners of almost all tournaments WGL, they have the most stellar and experienced staff, which remained intact even after an unsuccessful performance at the Grand Final. Rearrange only one instead TheAnatolich new captain was Dmitry Palaschenko aka LeBwa.

Team Captain Aziz Habibullin aka Angel_Killer, who played in the Grand Final in 2015 as part of Natus Vincere as a player replacement. Stable composition and a half years playing at the highest level. Enhance training for the season at bootcamp in Moscow. Arcade – a very formidable force.

last season in the Gold Series three teams were under the sponsorship WePlay, this will serve two. Santa Claus and Six Deers lost captain immediately after the triumph for himself last LAN-finals in Minsk. In the Grand Final, “Deer” has acted without Santa and took the 5-8 places. It is very interesting that the show is one of the most exciting teams in 2015.

Before the start of last season, we have argued that brand RoX.KIS has not yet been truly successful tank composition. Unfortunately, history repeated itself: the team performed below their capacity and remained in the top flight only by Wild Card. Good composition and experience should finally break this negative trend.

last season’s Champions Silver Series under the name of his new sponsor PlayBetter. It is not enough menacing? In the previous season Gold Series participated for five teams, the Cubs and four of them were in the top 8, and Santa Claus and Deers and 6 all took second place. An occasion to reflect.

Former 4GP faced with serious internal problems in the offseason. The scandal unfolded around player Azton. The judges allowed the conflict: the new captain was appointed Obi_wan_banan, who will lead the “liberated” the team to victory.

Kung-Fu.PB and 7Plays.PB
Another two teams that are in the tournament under the sponsorship of the organization PlayBetter. “Karate” were in the top flight, finishing second in last season’s Silver Series. 7Plays – a former team Evil Geniuses, who became the champion of the Silver League season before and already have experience of playing in the Gold Series.

NSS Team and WP.LOL
Two teams, for which the previous season was the debut. Despite this, both the team were really great, once in the top-6. The Young Lions changed their name to LOL and still willing to fight for the top places.

The only team to break into the Gold series through the wringer matches Wild Cards Challenge. The long-awaited return Nuregre and his comrades. An experienced team, which is not boring.


Wargaming.net League: руководство

The whole season to help you enjoy your battles will be the best commentators and experts League:

Tawfik «Tafa» Khidr – master eSports commentator shop. One of the most renowned and experienced in the tank mediaperson community.

Alex «Dead_Angel» Sagittarius – an experienced player, the former commander of Team Unity Party and World Cyber ​​Games 2012 in the past, a very talented and eloquent leading to the present.

Paul «Rillion» Shabalin – a fresh face on the screen. Author group Cybersport «INSIDE» and the transmission of the same name, perfectly fulfilled in the Grand Final in 2015.

Alex «Acrlit» Nogin – known player and Staff Analyst League, acting as an expert.

Antonina ancestors – the most beautiful part of our broadcasts.


You can keep track of absolutely all the fights on the website of the League and our official Twitch-channel. The schedule will appear on a regular basis and in advance.

Go to the website of the League Go to the Twitch-channel

With this season’s headquarters will broadcast the matches of the European division Wargaming.net League. Kazna Kru, GGWP, Virtus.pro and other teams are now closer than ever before! Group stage matches will be held on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Home in Europe – on 16 June.

When the watch?
Gold Series RU-region: every Saturday and Sunday.

Gold Series EU-region: every Tuesday and Thursday.

Silver Series RU: every Monday and Wednesday.

We begin June 13 at 18:00 Moscow time. Do not miss!

Wargaming.net League: руководство

Bronze Series Matches are held every week from Thursday to Sunday, broadcast battles are not in progress.

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