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Wargaming.net League: Reloaded

Dear players!

New season – while qualitative changes. Company Wargaming, and headquarters in particular, are pleased to announce that next season Wargaming.net League, which will start very soon, in all divisions of competition will come into force new rules. The main innovation will be the type of battle “Attack / Defense” with two bases instead of the regime “Standard battle.”

Basic rules

  • “Attack / Defense” with two bases instead of the regime “Standard battle.”
  • The match consists of 8 major battles (maximum) on two cards.
  • On the same card, each team plays first two fights in the attack, and then in defense.
  • The winner is the team that won more fights than the opposing team.
  • With an equal number of won rounds winner is automatically determined by the terms of the tie-break.
  • The new rules will be introduced in all regions simultaneously.


  • consists of a decisive battle in the “Attack / Defense” with two bases.
  • plays on condition of equality between the teams after the main two cards.
  • Team, scored the biggest a quick victory in the match in the attack, chooses the side.
  • If in the course of the match, no one won, being in an attacking role, the Party chooses the team, who inflicted the greatest amount of damage per match.
  • Maps tie-break will be different.

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What good new rules?

Nobody’s gone!

In the match will always be a winner and a loser and, therefore, the problem will disappear draws, ineffective matches, which so excited the players and spectators all previous seasons. Even if the results of rounds preserve equality between the teams, the winner will be determined by a tiebreaker.

A new level of entertainment!

will increase the dynamic and interesting broadcast. Thanks to a new type of battle in the format of “Attack / Defense” significantly increase the speed and intensity of battle, and, therefore, of interest to the audience. Increase significantly the number of spectacular moments. This was already noticeable during the test events.

eSports – to the masses!

Competitions become more accessible. In every battle there will always be one winner and one loser, and in general, the rules of the League will be much easier to understand viewers compared to the previous season.

Checked tests

Before the introduction of the new rules as they passed internal testing and analysis, and external “run”: the regime tested the best professional players from all regions of the world.

A chance for new Team!

Changed rules make almost all tactical developments of the old regime useless. This means that both experienced and young team are at the same starting position. The difference in the tactical training teams has decreased significantly.

Early changes

The teams will be a season to “run” the new format of the competition and prepare for the Grand finale.

Changes in the “Team Deathmatch” read here .

Do not miss III Wargaming.net League season in 2014!

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