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meanwhile in the Russian community, there is a whole novella taking place, where Wargaming developers passionately fight for power or to just not F*** things up any more. I translated it for you:

*Adds Narrator Voice*

With Wargaming realizing how far they had slipped down and how the community reacted to it. Cof… Rubicon…Cof… They are now very cautious to not commit the same mistakes.

Wargaming wants to improve the quality of the upcoming patches and their first concern is to fix as much bugs as possible, also, Grille 15 have been postponed just like the FV2015 (b) replacement and the FV4202 was so bad the team had to improve it.


The company,  wants to fix all these issues and has pressed the panic button, Cyprus became disatisfied with Evilly (Anton Pankov)’s work mostly due to the adittion  of shitty Premium tanks (STA-2, Patton 59, etc), its uncertain but there is a possibility that he will be transferred to Cyprus. There was also another power shift, Storm has been put aside and Slava Makarov, the guy who pretty much created World of Tanks has been hired back and given the reins.

Stay tuned for the next episode of Wargaming novella: Rubicon Fatale!

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