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Source: http://worldoftanks.ru/ru/news/pc-browser/remember-everything/cmvs_30_11_report/

Hello everyone,

an interesting piece of info. You know how WG claimed on several occasions not cooperating with the Russian army?

Well, apparently, that’s not a problem with the cadets (you know, that’s only the FUTURE army, so it doesn’t count). It took place in Moscow in the computer room (education class) in the Moscow military museum. A part of the tournament was the tour of the museum and – I quote: “the holiest of places – the Hall of Victory” to “taste the spirit of 1945″.

I don’t know… doesn’t it look a bit odd? I mean, I guess that in the end, they are just young guys wanting to have fun. But considering they might be sitting not long from now in real tanks heading west as “volunteers”…

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