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Wargaming Public Company
Stocks game developer World of Tanks Wargaming company may be excluded from the quotation list of the Cyprus Stock Exchange (CSE) . The Council asked the Commission to exchange the Securities and Exchange Commission of Cyprus resolve to delist the securities Wargaming Public Company, follows from a report published at the exchange site. The Council reports that Wargaming is not fulfilling a number of requirements to be followed listed companies. And because of that could be affected investors’ interests.

This decision was made because Wargaming Public Company still has not published financial statements for 2013, as well as statements for the first half of 2014 g This violates the requirements of the Cyprus securities law . While waiting for a response from the Exchange Commission, stock trading Wargaming Public Company will continue to be frozen, the exchange said in a statement.

“Our company has never carried out the sale of shares and securities, so with care CSE will not affect the financial performance of Wargaming. Moreover, we have never had a goal to deduce the company to IPO », – says Nebyshinets.

Cyprus Stock Exchange suspended trading in shares for the first time Wargaming in May this year. Even then, the leadership of the exchange did not like that Wargaming ignores the requirement to publish financial statements for the previous year. Then the representatives of Wargaming did not comment on this.

Last Wargaming published financial results in August 2013 when the company reported that its revenue for the first half of 2013 amounted to 234 million euros ($ 320.4 million), and profit – 25.6 million euros ($ 35 million). Later, the company has estimated revenue Superdata Wargaming in 2013 to $ 475 million. Analysts Superdata predicted that in 2014, Wargaming will receive $ 506 million of revenue in 2015 – $ 590 million.

Online CSE is no information on the number of publicly traded shares Wargaming, as well as details about the conducted three years ago IPO. Earlier, a source close to the Wargaming, said “Vedomosti” that Wargaming initially had no purpose to hold IPO. However, the company has decided itself to take on additional obligations imposed by the presence on the stock exchange, “not to relax.” In particular, the status of a public company means the regular production of financial reports and press releases.

According to CSE in April 2013, Victor acidic owns 38.5% stake in the company, Vladimir sour – 25.5%, Nicholas Katselapovu – 17%, Ivan Mikhnevich – 17%. That is, the free float would be only 2% of the shares [1,999,011]. However, these CSE did not record transactions with securities Wargaming in recent years.

presence on the stock exchange has allowed the company to create a field for further potential transactions with their corporate rights in the market, said “Vedomosti” vice president of Global Marketing Group of Wargaming Companies Nicholas Nebyshinets.

“In the years 2011-2014. We have completed all the tasks that were set at the exit on the Cyprus Stock Exchange. Wargaming has grown, has acquired all the features of a modern international company, and has established a reputation as a recognized and respected player in the market of financial instruments and capital, “- he said.

Scale for the Cyprus Stock Exchange is no longer sufficient to objectively assess the performance Wargaming. “The presence on the stock exchange does not meet the strategic vectors of Wargaming and therefore inappropriate,” – says Nebyshinets.

World of tanks
analyst roem. ru says that in fact the story there are several more turbid. Firstly, as far as you can tell from a cursory examination of the documents on the Cyprus Stock Exchange was posted not developer of World Of Tanks (Wargaming.net LLP), a Cypriot company Wargaming Public Company – Wargaming.net LLP games distributor in the EU and Switzerland.

This placement was not on the main floor of CSE, and on unregulated market (in fact, this is not the stock Exchange) and Wargaming Public Company did not hold IPO, and sold its shares to a narrow circle of investors (private placement). Total shares were sold at 2.16 million euros. Capitalization of the company at the time of placement in 2011 was estimated at 3.4 million euros.

Needless to razmeschen6ie CSE ECM was hardly expensive. Why it was made? Who knows. Maybe some kind of tax schemes may be something else.

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