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Hello everyone,

since I recieved like 5 e-mails about this matter, I decided to have a look. Basically, what happened: in recent South East Championship portal post, Wargaming wrote a list of countries, that can participate in that particular tournament, dedicated to – as the name suggests – SE Europe. The list is as such:

Hungary, Romania, Moldova, Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Kosovo, Malta, Montenegro, Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Serbia, Slovenia, Greece, Cyprus, Bulgaria, Turkey

In the corresponding forum thread, players took issues with that particular post. For one, earlier, there was “Macedonia” listed instead of the current “Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia”. What is more interesting is that there is Kosovo listed amongst the names of the states.

Kosovo is a “country”, recognized only partially by the UN – Russia for example does not acknowledge its existence. As you can imagine, this did not please the Serbian players too much. The forum thread then got filled with WG staff, defending their decision.

Edit: removed controversial part of the post after sound advice

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