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Source: https://www.techinasia.com/kamcord-secures-15m-funding-gungho-tencent-wargaming-enter-china-korea-year/

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Wargaming continues to invest across the world. This time, the object of its interest is Kamcord, American mobile game video recording software developer kit. Other investory include Japanese GungHo Online Entertainment and a Chinese investor, that was in on it earlier.

Hell, I’ll just copy a part of the article text here from the source above, they explain the stuff better:

When Tech in Asia last spoke with Kamcord in late October, the startup had just opened an office in Japan. More than 1.3 million users shared content every month, and 25 million videos had been shared in total.

GungHo is one of Japan’s top mobile game publishers. Its global hit Puzzles and Dragons was the first mobile game to make US$1 billion in revenue. Wargaming has 100 million registered users, with its most popular title being World of Tanks. Finally, Tencent is China’s top game publisher and the world’s biggest gaming company by revenue.

Even though Kamcord is backed by some of the biggest mobile gaming companies in the world, it isn’t yet used in any games made by Gungho, Tencent, or Wargaming. Company spokesperson Aditya Rathnam says these companies have three- to six-month road maps already laid out, so integration with their games will take time.

Kamcord can be found in a number of games from Sega, Gree, Bandai Namco, Square Enix, DeNA, and others. Its most popular clients are My Talking Tom, Killshot, and Beach Buggy Racing.

Kamcord received a US$1 million series A round in August of last year from Tencent and Innovation Works. Back then, says Rathnam, 90 percent of its users were on iOS. Now it reaches 20 times as many devices, with about half of them on Android.

This latest round will mainly go into expanding the team. Kamcord plans to enter either China or South Korea next, with both on the agenda for next year. It plans to triple the size of its team to about 65 staff by the end of 2015.

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