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We are starting a series of publications on Military-Historical Site WarSpot.ru. All that readers remember WarSpot.ru past week – now on our website.


Battle for Stalingrad . Key points of confrontation of Soviet and German tanks during the battle turning the Great Patriotic War: 10 facts from the history of the Battle of Stalingrad, to reflect the full brunt of the conditions under which operations were conducted, and perhaps tell something new. What made to take another look at this event in the history of World War II.


The word “Switzerland” and “neutrality” seem inseparable. However, the history of one of the state project of World War II put some questions: whether Switzerland was neutral? The fact is that with the 1941 and 1943 Swiss Red Cross has equipped and sent to the German-Soviet front four medical mission. In these “races” in the rear of the Wehrmacht was attended by about 250 people. Author’s research activities of the Swiss mission to the German-Soviet front – here .


The struggle for “black gold”. July 18, 1990 Iraq accused Kuwait of officially assigning oil from Iraqi fields Rumaila, located near the Kuwaiti border. It was argued that the Kuwaitis are illegal extraction since the 1980s.

July 31 in the city of Jeddah (Saudi Arabia), the Iraq-Kuwait negotiations, which came to nothing lead. August 2 Iraqi army crossed the Iraq-Kuwait border and occupied the territory of Kuwait.

Picture Story of the “Highway of Death” and the largest tank battles of modern times – here .


As a result of the East Carpathian operation was set point in the liberation of Ukraine from German invaders.

Moments “Ninth Stalinist strike” imprinted on the photographic film, you can see here .

On WarSpot.ru you will not only find a lot of fascinating material, but also to be able to publish their own articles on par with well-known experts on military history.

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