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We continue our series of publications on military Historic Site WarSpot.ru . All that readers remember WarSpot.ru past week – now on our website.

“Tolstoy Max” – German PT-ACS Pz.Sfl.IVa DickerMax- players World of Tanks love and hate. Owners love and hate those who have to meet her on the battlefield. And what was the fate and combat effectiveness of the real machine? Let’s find out. On the one hand, an instrument “Tolstoy Max” from a distance of 1,000 meters to break into the forehead of any Soviet tank except HF. On the other, it was difficult to conduct direct fire on targets, move perpendicular to the line of fire. Why in the end the idea of ​​serial production Pz.Sfl.IVa refused? Skip to content .

The Battle of Berlin was the Soviet “atomic bomb”. The Red Army has demonstrated its ability to crush the example of advanced defense “Oder Front” and rapid assault of a large city such as Berlin. This was the topic of a victorious lectures by renowned historian Alexei Isaev, which marked the beginning of the lecturer “remember everything” in the Central Museum of the Great Patriotic War (Russian). Its grand opening was held on March 14. For those who are unable to attend the lectures, offer video .

6 (19) March 1906 decree of Emperor Nicholas II were created submarine forces of the Baltic Sea. “Dolphin”, “Killer Whale”, “Catfish”, “Burbot” and others – quite naturally submarine fleet gets the name inhabitants of the deep sea. Soon after the First World – the war, the battle which took place not only on land but also in the air, not only at sea but also in its depths. The fate of the first Russian submarine is devoted to our photoselection .

Biography of John Malcolm Thorpe Fleming Churchill – one of those that interesting any fiction. This troubled English gentleman lived a life worthy of a Hollywood blockbuster hero, having been an archer, a paratrooper, piper, film actor, instructor for surfing and, of course, the hero of World War II. For bravery in battle earned him the nickname “Mad Jack” and many awards. On the last romantic war vodivshem soldiers to attack the sounds of bagpipes and, sword in hand, read here .

Our readers are already familiar with the character of Helen cycle Haetskoy “Legends”, a war correspondent Arkady Zagurskii. Unfortunately, our hero is not always right in his articles. Knowing a little more than Arkady help him fix the errors committed by him. Let’s read his article about plane-hunters and find inaccuracies. The most attentive and fast aviation experts of the First World will receive prizes steep tank. Contest rules .

On WarSpot.ru you will not only find a lot of exciting texts, but also be able to publish their own articles on par with well-known experts on military history.

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