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Yesterday went 2-hour interview with the developers WoWp, after which the network has the following message:
I must say, if you planes are not interested, do not read everything that is written below.

“A year later, the developers decided to stream, which answered some questions from players. I suggest you estimate the ratio of the producer of the project and community manager for the players
Among the issues that are important for the players (some of which were named ” accordion player “and” stupid “), there are a lot of interesting things.
Players are to blame for the fact that the game is bad. They do need to stop playing the attack aircraft that would not have been 7 such aircraft on the team. Bugs in the game – the same wine players who sent too few applications in LAC.
Instead of new game modes to make it interesting, the players themselves have come up with goals in the game itself, for example, play a game without a point of pre-emption.
And much more. “

It is clear that very few people, especially little interest planes will watch the two hour interview and check written above. But since I’m busy right now refabreshingom code that involves tedious and repetitive work, I decided to include in the background and listen to this stream, about what is at stake. Oh, I almost forgot, the text written above proved petition Player to President Viktor Wargaming.Net sour.

Stream large, and many developers have responded to various questions in which I have to be honest not very and understand, so I’ll give the phrase literally, on which the petition was drawn up, and you already decide for yourself.

The phrase “dupe” I heard once, and she touched the theme splash screens of missiles and bombs, and the developers again explained team perspective on this issue.

One question was called – idiotic

idiotic question from Boris Bringstora – “Tankers vododelov invited to the office, and when the airplane people invited vododelov office Perche or SH Minsk. ” Come, we are always happy. When I am in Kiev, I am pleased to meet with the players know. * Another developer * Well, it seems to me that there is not really a question in this, well, imagine that people, roughly speaking, from all over Russia, from Khabarovsk, someone else probably is organized in tankochey somehow happened and it was invited, appointed some date certain, probably so. Let’s try this forum to communicate, will create Temko, look at the number of people willing, count possible, why not. Yeah, let’s really try.

About Sturmovik

– Will the restriction on the number of storm troopers in battle? * Leading *

No. Limit the number of storm troopers in battle can not we, as players – flying in other classes technique

– Well, that is in the list, we discussed this point, there is no possibility at this stage I do understand such hit stormtroopers as a percentage, is not it? * Leading *

And the rest of the queue that offer to do?

– Let the wait, it actually wean them. * Leading *

Well, folks, the same conversations were about the links, let’s just do not let the links in the fight, we do not want anyone to interfere with play, if a person likes to play on the attack aircraft, it is his right
New modes

– Will the new regimes? This is so to speak a question to which we also walked. The introduction of new game modes like Team and individual? * Leading *

So, look, rather than wait modes of development, and they will be, but again, the terms do not call because they do not want to look in your eyes the man who promised never did. Recently I increasingly encounter people who themselves come up with goals in the game. I had a first mode which I invented for myself to shoot without preemption point, simply unplugging it to set up, and it really helped me. Who invented himself a new Challenge, I bought all the cacti and began to play them. Someone pass the game again on the joystick, But, it’s all a joke really , we will try to do for the person event as much as possible a variety of gameplay + is actively involved in the development of new modes of prototyping. It is rather something fans will know the specifics closer, we have identified those regimes that will enter and be sure to let your blog, website, etc.

bugs in LAC

* There was talk about the problems dzhoevodov and Michael said the following *

Can I add more, this will involve not so much about the joystick, as is generally very much. That’s me at the time did not suit one bug, he was associated with the management and I pretty much wrote, I wrote Larissa in PM, I wrote a video Twitch back then was Sasha, I sent the video, two, three, he asked me to write more the second, the third record, I sent him all this and removed all. Yes, then this issue resolved, I’m what, that just really, in our community, I am a lot of forum and read, though not so often unsubscribe, at the forum very often happens that a lot of players, I understand that some people may be wondering was, but many players have increasingly unsubscribe in those topics where either some global discussion, or somewhere you can povaynit or something else to do. But if, again, each of them to think about the same as that to record video, make screen, make daddy dumps, logs, crash and everything else and still throw it, so let’s not in LAC, even to someone in a personal something, and get from someone, what would it have taken, well, take you for example, a specific question bothers you, you met somewhere in the subject, that the same person a bug arose, ask him, let him spit out the same in your theme where you would raise this example, the more information that will meet the easier it will be to do something, but if we all did a little bit poodzyvachevey community will be in this regard, to help look for bugs and help to fix some things, I I think that everything is very fast can be done if there is a lot of information and experience accumulated, which can be treated and which can accordingly make any conclusions. * Another developer * Many thanks to Misha for constructive, all that you said – it’s true. To solve the problem you need to know what to fight, and we often find ourselves in a situation where a player complains about something, but we have no such problem and it played just words player, as if they have a problem there, but can not be understood. But if he wrote three more + + five more the next day added already have something to work with. In addition, we have already introduced the practice of rapid, as quickly as possible, an adequate response to the massive user complaints, therefore, quite seriously, guys, we have to LAC sends more than just what to communicate not, we’re just trying to you help.

This is something like that. Yes, of course, so called silly or trivial question “stupid” is not entirely correct, but everything else, someone very angry, I think.

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