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Comfortable game requires the correct relationship as allies, and to competitors. It is regulated by rules World of Tanks – and they agree each player taking Agreement.

actually quite easy to observe the rules. Suffice it to remember about them, and every time to evaluate their actions in advance. And to begin, perhaps, is with culture of communication in chat .

There are currently monitoring violations and punishments toughened game chat violators Now will block more often, operational and b about lshie time. Each player must be clearly understood: a place for battles – playing cards, not chat.

Of course, in every possible battle fervor, and one-time too emotional statements inevitable. We are sympathetic to such situations, but those players that use extremely rude and abusive language, as well as systematic violators, waiting for the most serious measures.

Previously, offenders were punished in the main complaints of players, now the administration of the game will be evaluated, even those for whom the complaint is not filed. So swear chatting – not an option. At the same time -game functionality “Report” – is still the most effective tool to influence uncultured players. With your help, we can detect the violation is much faster.

remind you that Laws of the Game there are provisions governing the correct behavior in World of Tanks. In particular, in the game are prohibited:

  • use of profanity and insulting the companions;
  • veiled mat;
  • derogatory nicknames and nicknames based on race, nationality, religion or gender, as well as provoking a companion to their use;
  • real threat of violence;
  • provocation and to encourage players to rights violations.

players for such violations can be for long periods (up to one month) lose the ability to send messages in chat games. When the systematic and gross violations of their sentence can significantly increase .

Thank you for the correct behavior and help that you constantly put the administration of the game. Only by joint efforts we can make World of Tanks better!


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