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To those of you who do not communicate in social networks have not missed anything important, interesting and fun, we have prepared our weekly digest.

start our collection with competition repost: July 15, at 19:00 in the air we are giving away a huge amount of valuable prizes! Among those who do repost This news , as well as enter into our group World of Tanks , using a random number generator, we will choose the four lucky winners who will receive a laptop ACER ASPIRE NITRO V!

Conditions of competition in social networks

And what color eyes do you have?

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Fresh tank wallpaper in high resolution by a handsome Marm T-62A.

[1,999,059] [1,999,061] [1,999,013]

[1,999,027] [1,999,030] View in social networks [1,999,013]

When the art of focus – it’s always nice and pleasant at the same time!


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Kobe week:

See the website

often ride on Pz.Kpfw. I Ausf. C?

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Our competition fun tank for your Instagram continues!

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And what about the “Marathon you? For more information about game events, see here .

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Our community – more than 5 million people!


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