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To those of you who do not communicate in social networks, have not missed anything important, interesting and fun, we have prepared our weekly digest.

Join the official World of Tanks «VKontakte», do repost a chance to win cool prizes!

lottery in terms of social networks

Generals! On our map of the world to establish a delicate balance, but not for long! We announce the contest “New Force in the war” – a great chance to win the 2000

Conditions of competition in social networks

All game resources recently captivated the topic, which caused an unprecedented boom. Output update 9.8!

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Yes, the popularity of the next update World of Tanks among players has broken all records. What is the secret?

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Maybe that players will be able to make a very important choice: to see the last game for what it really is? Choose wisely! However, this choice can always be changed!

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In the meantime, until the end of special offer just three days!

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Kobe week: this Vasteras not seen for nearly three hundred years!

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Rounding out our selection of traditional tank wallpaper in high resolution from the Marm with the Soviet tank IS-3, which appeared in the game in HD-quality.

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Our community – more than 5 million people!

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