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To those of you who do not communicate in social networks, have not missed anything important, interesting and fun, we have prepared our weekly digest.

glad to present the impressive art of our subscriber Kazakhstan group Ruslan Gray ! Meet the new Chinese middle tank of premium VIII level 59-Patton!

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June 26 World of Tanks Blitz is one year old! Make video greetings and win prizes from Mad Catz!

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Tankers laid many proverbs about the game. What do you know?

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who has already tested on the server overall test a new mode “Steel hunt” ? How impressions?

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Tanks for rent at first appeared to our players a strange idea, but then they appreciated its advantages.

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Kobe week:

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Rounding out our selection of traditional tank wallpaper in high resolution from the Marm.

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Our community – more than 5 million people!

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