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To those of you who do not communicate in social networks, have not missed anything important, interesting and fun, we have prepared our weekly digest.

B official group World of Tanks «VKontakte” is held weekly drawing contest “Handmade”, which can be obtained as a reward game gold. Here is the winner of last week: R_U_B_K_A receives 5000

Conditions of competition in social networks

Comics new French tank from Alexander Plaskanosova.

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launches new quiz from the official group of World of Tanks «Vkontakte.” To participate in the quiz, you need to enter Annex and answer the 10 questions.

Conditions in social networks

new creative competition! It is necessary to print the pattern and continue drawing on tank subjects, make a postcard, to finish his version of the picture. What is the picture – you decide!

Conditions of competition in social networks

On May 12, 19:00 (GMT) on the air, we raffle among the subscribers of the group 5 branded enclosures Thermaltake, 10 magazines for labels World of Tanks by Panini and 20 premium tanks VIII levels.

lottery in terms of social networks

The Public chatting Viber developers discuss a variety of topics, including discussion.

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Tyrannosaurus poor thing can not take the medal of his short legs.

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Children’s puzzle. You can handle easily.

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Kobe week. It’s random, baby!

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Rounding out our selection of traditional tank wallpaper in high resolution from the Marm.

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Our community – more than 5 million people!

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