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remember everything. Kiberturnir “steel wall”

In honor of the 70th anniversary of Victory Day on May 24 at the St. Petersburg Cadet Corps of the Defense Ministry has passed a historic eSports tournament “steel wall – 2015”. Suvorov, Nakhimov and the Cadets have been three phases of the competition. Details – in this photo essay.

participated in the tournament team:

  • “company won” St. -Peterburgskogo Cadet Corps;
  • “Scarlet Guard” of the St. Petersburg Suvorov Military School;
  • “Nautilus” Nakhimov Naval School;
  • “Marine tanker” Kronstadt Naval Cadet Corps.

In the first phase teams submitted projects with the technique of pre-war and wartime tank production. Kronstadt Naval Cadets Corps “Marine tanker” prepared statement “messed sailor submarine tank.” Their project was devoted to the tank KV-1 and took the first place.

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The theme of the second stage were historical events and feats of combat soldiers tank. Team Cadets’ Company wins “presented video, created by the virtual environment World of Tanks, about the heroism of the crew of a tank T-34 under the command of Staff Sergeant Stepan Horobets. This is the famous single attack on the Nazis occupied the city of Kalinin (Tver). The team won first place in the second stage of the tournament.

Battle of the third stage takes place in cyberspace World of Tanks . Commented fights Sergey “Flash” Karapetyan said. Captain Cadet Egor Naumov “Company of victory” won all six fights and deservedly won the third stage.

As a result of competition of the tournament “steel wall – 2015” as the winner was the team of “Company of the victory” of the St. Petersburg Cadet Corps . Participating teams were awarded medals and prizes from the company Wargaming.


[1,999,074] Tournament organizers
St. Petersburg Cadet Corps Defense of the Russian Federation organized in 2011. The educational process in the body is built using the best Russian and international practices, in accordance with scientific achievements in the field of pedagogy and psychology.
“remember everything” – a global initiative organized by Wargaming in late 2013 and aimed at promoting military-historical Museums all over the world in the preservation and restoration of the legendary models of military equipment. The program aims to revive interest in the history, to inspire young people to study the past of their countries and to preserve for future generations the unique historical monuments.

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