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Military History lecture as part of the initiative “remember everything” invites the audience at a lecture Lapikova Michael and Eugene Belas.

Note! Entrance to the event is free, but because of the limited capacity audiences to pre-record the participants. At one lecture may create no more than 60 people, after which the registration is closed.

Siegfried Line, strengthen it and overcoming

hysterical propaganda agonizing Third Reich called Siegfried Line invincible. But in reality the western defensive wall was passed allies of Germany in a few months. How is it that this fortification so badly served its purpose, and what it cost the Allied forces to overcome it – tells Michael Lapikov.

March 28, 14:00 (GMT), the Central Museum of the Great Patriotic War. Moscow, pl. Victory,. 3.

First World war in the trenches

During the First World War armies of the civilized world had suddenly remember the seemingly long-forgotten techniques of siege warfare and invent new ones. A new weapon: the combat knives, grenade launchers, broneschitki. New Equipment: from oxygen devices to electronic intelligence systems. New tactics: from snipers to assault teams. On this and many other tells Eugene Belas.

March 29, 14:00 (GMT), the Central Museum of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation. Ul. Soviet Army, d. 2.

Archive of lectures and information about upcoming events you’ll find here .

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