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Welcome to the Clan Hall of Fame
2017-07-19 00:00:00 / News

Winning in a tournament is cool, but unless you’ve made world history, will your victory be remembered the week after? Chances are you’d prefer a constant stream of success and proof you and your team is the best.

Update 4.0 marks the beginning of the “Twister” Clan season. The struggle for the top positions in the list of the most successful Clans iscome one of the main events of the season. The higher your Clan is in the list, the bigger the reward for ALL the players in your Clan!

The Hall of Fame appeared on the game website together with the release of Update 4.0. You can also access it within the game by clicking the Hall of Fame button on the main menu or the screen with the tournaments list.


The Clan section of the Hall of Fame contains lists for:

Tier V-VI tournaments Tier VII-VIII tournaments Tier IX-X tournaments

A Clan can be present in all three lists at the same time. To achieve this, Clan players need to participate in tournaments and earn Cups, which are new reward items.

If your team fights in Tier V-VI vehicles, your Clan will get Cups for the Tier V-VI tournaments list. The same applies to tournaments of other tiers.  The more Cups you accumulate relative to other Clans in the list, the higher your position in the Hall of Fame is.

How to Earn Cups

Depending on the place a team reached in its group during a tournament and the vehicle tier used, it getgets a certain number of Cups:

Bronze Series Tournaments (Same Rewards for All Tier Ranges) 1st place in the group: 700 Cups 2nd place: 350 Cups 3rd place: 200 Cups 4th place: 125 Cups 5th-8th: 42 Cups Silver Series Tournaments

Tiers V-VI and VII-VIII:

1st place: 4,000 Cups 2nd place: 2,000 Cups 3rd and 4th: 1,000 Cups 5th-8th: 252 Cups

Tiers IX–X:

1st place: 4,200 Cups 2nd place: 2,100 Cups 3rd place: 1,200 Cups 4th place: 750 Cups 5th-8th: 252 Cups Gold Series Tournaments


1st place: 6,000 Cups 2nd place: 4,000 Cups 3rd place: 2,000 Cups 4th place: 1,000 Cups

Tiers IX–X:

1st place: 6,500 Cups 2nd place: 4,500 Cups 3rd place: 2,500 Cups 4th place: 1,500 Cups

Cups are rewarded even for last place. However, if a team loses all matches in a tournament by technical defeat, it won’t get any Cups.

What Do You Need to Know About Chests? The number of Cups earned by a Clan is refreshed every 24 hours. Cups obtained in a tournament are divided between players depending on the number of battles they played for their team during the tournament. If a player moves to another Clan, the Cups they earned remain in the possession of their previous Clan. At the same time, they are preserved in the player’s Storage. If several teams from one Clan participate in a tournament, only the result of the team with the highest ranking is considered for the Hall of Fame. But the players from the other teams will get Cups in their Storage nevertheless. Reward Details

The first season of battles for the Clan Hall of Fame is a trial on several levels. In other words, we need to check that everything works the way it should, so some fine-tuning could be required during the season. This means we can’t give final or even near-final details on all the rewards you’ll be earning.

But don’t let this discourage you from fighting for Cups — there will be rewards for sure, and ALL members of your Clan will get them, regardless of their participation in tournaments! The higher the Clan’s position in the leaderboard by the number of Cups, the cooler the reward!

So, assemble your team and go earn some Cups in tournaments (and it’s not that the tournaments don’t have good rewards themselves). Detailed information about rewards will come over the course of the season, so keep your eyes peeled.

Now you can be proud of not only your Clan’s victories, but also enjoy well-deserved and documented superiority over other teams!


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