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Welcome to the Winter Fair
2016-12-15 17:00:00 / Events

We’re going big this holiday season with the Winter Fair! You’ve never seen a Blitz event quite like this, because it involves Tickets, Chests, and auctions for in-game items. What does all that mean and how do you get your hands on some of the rare Premium tanks we’re offering? Keep reading.

Begins December 19
Ends January 16 Winter Fair Features Missions: Complete in-game missions to earn Tickets, Credits, Premium time, and the autoloading Stridsvagn 74A2 — the first Swedish Premium tank in Blitz! Winter Fair Site: The Winter Fair web site is where you spent Tickets on Auctions and Chests. Auctions: Use Auctions to pick up rare Premium tanks; prices decrease over time, but the number of available tanks are limited! Chests: Want to earn some awesome prizes? Open your chests on our special event site. Missions

Beginning December 19, a series of special missions will appear in-game. To complete each stage, you’ll need to acquire the required number of Banners and Cases. You’ll be able to earn these in battles and by completing missions, or you can skip stages with Gold.


Banners are earned in battle by racking up XP. You’ll accumulate Banners at a 1:1 ratio with XP.

Things to know:

Additional XP earned with Premium time counts towards earning Banners. Daily experience bonuses (x2, x3, x5) don’t count towards earning Banners. XP earned for completing missions doesn’t count towards earning Banners. Cases

Cases are earned by completing battle missions.

Thing to know:

The higher tier the battle mission, the more Cases you’ll earn. The amount of Cases you’ll earn from each battle mission is displayed on the mission screen. Premium time doesn’t affect the amount of Cases earned.

You’ll only be able to earn Banners and Cases until January 2. After that, you’ll still have time to complete stages using Gold or previously acquired items.

Stage Rewards

Complete a stage and you’ll be rewarded with Tickets, Credits, and Premium time.

At the end, you’ll have a choice: Complete a stage offering up lots of Tickets or complete a stage that’ll reward you with the Stridsvagn 74A2 Swedish Premium tank. Can’t decide? Complete them both for a hot new Premium tank and plenty of Tickets.

The Stridsvagn 74A2

Winter Fair Website

By now you’re probably wondering what Tickets are for, so here’s your answer: Jump onto the Winter Fair website and you can spend those Tickets on auctions for Premium vehicles and Chests that contain valuable gear.

You can find a link to the Winter Fair site on the event mission page in-game. Auctions

Nine rare Premium vehicles will be offered as Dutch auctions, with 10,000 vehicles available in each auction. Here’s what we’ll be offering:

IS-3 Defender Type 59 KV-5 FCM 50 t T34 Independence E 25 T23E3 Type 62 T-34-85 Rudy

In a Dutch auction, prices (in Tickets) start at their highest point and then get cheaper every 12 hours before reaching their lowest price on January 2. Of course, because of the limited quantities of each tank, it’s not guaranteed that there’ll be enough tanks left to last until then!

If you’ve got your eyes on a vehicle, check its status regularly — that way you know exactly when to pounce to get the best deal!


Chests contain valuable gear and loot, but you’ll have to purchase them with Tickets. A standard Chest costs two Tickets, a Legendary Chest costs six Tickets. As you’d expect, Legendary Chests have a better chance of containing rarer items!

It’s possible that a Chest may contain one of the Premium vehicles offered in the Auction. Winning one of these vehicles in a Chest counts towards the total available at Auction, so if a vehicle is no longer available in the Auction, you won’t find it in a Chest.

Purchasing Tickets

If you want to stock up on more Tickets, you can also purchase them with Free XP or Gold via the Winter Fair site.

3,125 Free XP = 1 Ticket
125 = 1 Ticket

Frequently Asked Questions

When I receive Tickets in the game, can I spend them right away on the site?

Yes! However, synchronization of Tickets may take a few moments.

What if I get a vehicle I already own?

You’ll receive the vehicle’s value in Credits, with 1 = 400. For example, if you already own Type 59 and buy one at auction, you’ll receive 4,000,000 and a Garage slot.

How do I claim a vehicle I win in the Fair?

Premium vehicles will be added to your account automatically. In addition to the vehicle, you’ll receive a Garage slot and 100% Crew.

What happens if I have leftover Tickets after the Fair?

They’ll automatically be exchanged for Credits at a rate of 1 Ticket = 15,000. We recommend you spend all your Tickets on Chests before the event ends — it’s much more profitable!

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