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Hello everyone,

as you know, Wargaming takes e-sport very seriously and is dedicated to making the competitive part of the game fair and bal… hahahaha who are we kidding, nobody at WG EU gives a flying fuck about that and their latest fail just confirms that.

So sit down kids and hear the story, as explained by H311fi5h (from clan IDEAL, ranked 4th in that tournament) and confirmed by Kyrahihi (clan LGEND). By H311fi5h’s words:

“The last two weeks the “Clan Wars Winter Tournament” took place on EU server. The tournament was full of fail from the very beginning, but the most notable is the following.

The teams progressing from the group stage to the final stage (8 teams) were promised 25.000 gold each. The prizes were transfered to the teams today, but the 25.000 gold for winning the group stage is missing for all teams. When reporting the issue, WG employee Azkolek (French Community Manager) states this prize was not supposed to be part of the tournament (followed by some bullshit with translation issues and other excuses).


At first this was displayed in every language, but not in English. This was fixed, but the line somehow re-appeared in the English rules only, but was still correct in the news article. We’re sorry for the people who got confused.

Fact is: At the very moment I am writing this email, the 25.000 gold is still listed on the official tournament page. I added a screenshot in case they remove it:


But that’s not all. The tournament rules also promise a bonus of 25% on top of the winnings from the final stage for teams with all players from the same clan. The rules state: “In the Final Stage, if the team has only members from the same clan, they will receive a +25% boost to their prize gold!”

Two teams, “The Legendary Peasants” and “KARP Alliance Please Ignore” moved all their players in the same clan before the final stage started. WG is refusing to pay the 25% bonus to those teams. This means WG is robbing the winners of another 100.000 and 43.750 gold. This means in total WG is cheating the top 8 teams for a total of 343.750 gold (that’s over 1100 € when bought in the gift shop).”

So, there you have it, clearly WG takes tournaments and fair play very seriously… and don’t forget to watch WGL!

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