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Hello everyone,

if you read FTR closely, you might have noticed one thing. The producer part of the entire Wargaming is now headed by the chief of WG EU production.

Yea. My first reaction was “well, that explains a lot”. WG EU makes Wargaming a lot of money after all.

Anyway, Wargaming is going all out these days, when it comes to inventing new things to sell – the first one being the already announced conversion of free XP to crew XP. The latest one appeared just yesterday on RU server.

For 1 USD, you can buy one hour of extra XP. If you buy that 1 USD “bundle”, you will get two things:

– 1 day of premium or 250 gold
– 15 percent of extra XP for the next hour, counting from the next time you log on to World of Tanks

This 15 percent bonus is cumulative with all the other bonuses (event bonuses, double XP, premium account bonus and all that).

Doesn’t sound that bad, does it – only, if you plan to play let’s say 12 hours with this “event” over the entire weekend, that’s already 12 USD, that’s not total chump change anymore (not for Russians anyway), if you want to use this for hardcore grind 12 hours per day for two days, it’s already 24 USD – and for 24 USD, you can get a lot of nice stuff already.

This sure is a pretty well calculated thing. Not that there’s anything bad on making money, guys. But keep in mind the costs and what you are getting. Personally, I wouldn’t take the deal I think. Make it 30 and it’s worth considering though.

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