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Hello everyone,

if you are looking for another WG screwup – sorry, this time, WG actually did a really nice thing. Remember how I posted yesterday that between 18.12. and 22.12., Wargaming RU made ALL the gold and ALL the premium account bundles in their premium shop 50 percent cheaper?

Well, it has a followup. In order for the players to actually buy gold on discount and use it to buy premium tanks in the game instead of being confused and buying premium tanks in the shop for full price, Good Guy Wargaming actually temporarily removed a whole bunch of premium tanks from the premium shop. In other words, if you want a – say – T34, you can’t buy it as a vehicle in the premium magazine, you have to buy gold (50 percent off) and then buy it in the game for the gold you purchased.

Actually, I think this is pretty cool. Damn, I wish we had this kind of stuff on WG EU. But no, someone has to make it up to WG after all. The milk must flow!

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