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Hello everyone,

once again, the same issue, that was once already mentioned in the past pops up. According to the Russian portal vedomosti.ru, Wargaming Public Company on Cyprus is in danger of having its shares forcibly delisted from the Cyprus Stock Exchange, because it does not fulfill several requirements a listed company should, one of which is not publishing its financial reports (for 2013 and first half of 2014).

However, for Wargaming, it’s no big deal and such a thing would not really damage them.

There are several reasons for that – one is that WG PC is not WG LLP, it’s not the publisher of WoT, “just” a distributor for the EC and Switzerland. Second – and main – is that WG never really intended to perform an IPO, its shares were private placement only (in layman’s terms, instead of offering the shares for public trading, they just offered the shares to actual specific people, who are the same people who founded it, including Big Boss Kislyi, Vladimir Kislyi and others).

Why did they do it then in first place?

Well, as you can imagine, the internet is full of speculations. Two theories that come up most often (the second is allegedly more likely) are:

– some sort of tax optimization (why not)
– an attempt to obtain Cypriot citizenship by the WG owners, which requires some sort of investment on Cyprus (in which case this would actually qualify)

Who knows? Maybe Big Boss likes the mediterranean sun, or is fed up with Lukashenko’s “paradise” and uncle Putin. Wouldn’t blame him.

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