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View live broadcasts (streams ) in the right in the game client. Now you do not need to go out into the vastness of the Internet and look for interesting you broadcast on your favorite game, all relevant and interesting broadcasts can be viewed directly from the hangar! You can watch the game’s best players, watch the most interesting leaders, win the game gold, taking part in the stream show and be aware of all the innovations in the game!
View videos in the game client. By analogy with translations, now all the most fresh and interesting videos in one place and you can watch them right in your hangar!
Announcements broadcasts. Without leaving the game, you will always be up to date in order to win the next game broadcasts gold and other valuable prizes as well as have the opportunity to take part in them. (This option is in the works)
Convenient control modification.
Each tab contains regularly updated content. Switch between tabs and find something that you are interested in.
Ability to view broadcasts for every taste.
It is easy to find in the hangar button to view the video and broadcasts. The button is at the top of the hangar next to the “fortified area”
No need to log on Twitch.tv. When you first start the modification, you can simply close the authorization Twitch.tv and when you run it you will not be disturbed.

Installation Method

1. Download the exe file to your computer
2. Open the downloaded file you
3. Set the installation path modification in the game folder World of Tanks
4. Run the game client
5. Click “WGStream” at the top of the hangar, located next to the “fortified area”

WARNING! This version is designed for viewing Broadcast Live in the game client. AUTHORIZATION TO TWITCH.TV required! Declined authorization on the given resource AFTER STARTING customers and a large window with the authorization you will not have to worry about.


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