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It’s known that I don’t care much about Wargaming League, mainly now, after getting my AMX 13 57 video targeted by one of their hosts that didn’t have any basis for his accusation and all could have been avoided if he simply contacted WG staff first, I’m just gonna leave the print screen here:


Why my video was the one targeted and not another Community Contributor video I have no idea, but have to point out WGL personnel are not real WG staffmembers and Wargaming was very fast to come to my defense which was quite nice of them.
I don’t have to answer to WGL personnel and I also don’t have any contractual obligations with any of them but my respect lies solely with WG staff. And, if things were handled in a proper private manner I actually would have kindly accepted the request and added the information to my video and this would never have been written. Still, no hard feelings taken. Don’t mistake Latina passion for Caucasian rage.

But back to the point, during the Grand Finals 50 AMX 13 57 tanks will be given away for those who share their predictions worldwide, more information can be found on the Grand Finals site but it wasn’t working quite well so took a printscreen:

And the best part of it all, the Mighty Jingles just announced on today’s “Mingles with Jingles” that he will be a guest and commentator of the event, its the first time that will say this: I’m excited to watch a WGL event!

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