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“What do the players.” New contacts in 9.6

  1. Improved contact list to update 9.6 – impressions players, tips, general discussion.
  2. Changes accuracy occurred during the update 0.8.6 – 0.9.6 – a detailed description of the offer of one of the users to change the sight of the game and its discussion.
  3. Personal combat missions. Tips players and reviews techniques – discussion of useful materials W iki-encyclopedias and fan resources on personal mission.
  4. Discussion Tournament “absolute superiority: Siege” – discussion of the new tournament format 14/140.

  5. Discussion of gaming locations that have changed in the update 9.6

Remember that the forum is read and developers. If you have any ideas on how to improve the game, feel free to express their opinion – it will not go unnoticed.

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