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Incredible Christmas Marathon – New players continue to discuss the marathon and its main prize – Chinese heavy tank WZ-111. Some of our brothers in arms already have the tank in its hangar.

Also discussed:

Winter Battle – discussion of the details of the New Year’s regime, which will be available to players at the beginning of next year.

signatures for the New Year – one of the players has created a signature holiday in honor of the New Year.

Battle Leaf ” BL-10 »№ 57 – New Year’s issue of the journal” BC-10 “from the group of forum” Guards “.

” The best replays of the week. ” Episode number 45 – discussion of the unique release program “Top replays of the Week” in which players can see the best record of fighting game developers.

Remember that the forum is read and developers. If you have any ideas on how to improve the game, feel free to express their opinion – it will not go unnoticed.

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