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“What do the players.” Team fights

    Team fights in the update 9.4. Format command battles in 9.4 has undergone significant changes in this thread players discuss the updated mode.
  • In version 9.4 have changed for the better performance characteristics of two premium machines T-34-3 and AT 15A . These tanks are discussed in the relevant topics: T-34-3 AT 15A .
  • Map “Stalingrad” . Players describe the impressions of the map after playing on the general test and the primary server.
  • Map “Kharkiv” and changed in the 9.4 update map “robin” . In these subjects the players to leave their comments about the performance on the map “Kharkiv” and discuss the changes to the “Robin”.
  • New version “fortified area” updating 9.4. Recently in the “fortified area” has a new functionality. Players discuss innovations here .
  • “The Great War”: The third campaign on Global map . Very soon on the Global Map will start third campaign with great prizes and new medals. Players discuss upcoming event in this thread .

Remember that the forum and read the developers. If you have any ideas on how to improve the game, feel free to express their opinion – it will not go unnoticed.

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