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“What do the players.” The new “KTTS”

  • A second general Update Test 9.9 [1,999,021] – general discussion of the second test update 9.9, in which players can try out the new technology and a new version of a game event “superiority.” [1,999,023] “KTTS.” Update 9.9 [1,999,021] – here players say about the next episode of “KTTS” where you can learn about upgrading, preparing to enter the main server. [1,999,023]
  • [1,999,031] Marathon FV201 (A45 ) – Discussions marathon, which started on July 1 – executing its terms, each player can get heavy tank British FV201. [1,999,023]
  • [1,999,037] Translation free experience into the experience of the crew – during the month of July will act action through which you can convert free experience into the experience of the crew. The discussion is conducted in this thread!
  • “Gold Rush”: remove x2 Premium shop [1,999,021] – but here the players continue to discuss a special action in the Premium product, which will last all summer! The action allows you to get bonus gold, just adding to your betting account.

Also, players actively discussed game locations:

Remember that the forum and read the developers. If you have any ideas on how to improve the game, feel free to express their opinion – it will not go unnoticed.

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