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Hello everyone,

Just thought I’d write down a few thoughts about what a “dead game” is. Lately, I’ve seen various players (including streamers) mention that World of Tanks is dead and same goes for Armored Warfare. At first glance, it’s an obvious nonsense for both games. World of Tanks still has, to my knowledge, 100k peaks or so on EU, while Armored Warfare has… aha, you thought I’d tell you. Can’t, sorry. Wish I could. But it’s much more than most people think.

The main reason is the weird “in queue” number that doesn’t work properly and does not represent the game situation because it only shows players waiting in queue and even that is as far as I know not correct. The real number is much higher but I can’t release it because of production decision. But the servers are still running, the PvE mode is still viable and there are no plans to pull the plug despite the doomsaying of some players. We have plans for the future and all that, but honestly, I don’t really want to talk about Armored Warfare. If you are interested, check the portal.

The second meaning of the word is more interesting as it involves development direction. For Armored Warfare, it was disclosed already plus we have something pretty big (perhaps too big since I am trying to finish the content connected to it since Christmas already) that will not be directly announced next week, but it might be mentioned first off hand in some other article (so I’d pay attention if you are interested).

But what’s the direction for World of Tanks?

I must admit that I haven’t kept in touch with World of Tanks since Rita practically abandoned her blog (to be clear, that’s not blaming her, I think that she got what she wanted in life, any of us would make the same choice) but I did check recently some of the stuff going on in the Sandbox server.

Honestly, I can see some of the Armored Warfare (Obsidian) thought processes in the changes – well, before we decided that the system can’t be recovered and moved on to Balance 2.0. It’s tweaking of existing mechanisms that in the end won’t make a difference. We have yet to see what they have in store for artillery, but it won’t be anything massively drastic (unless they decide to copy the old AW system we are moving away from).

Personally, I don’t think that will happen for two reasons:

– SerB
– shareholders

From what I know, SerB had a massive influence on WoT 2.0 (that thingie with modern tanks reported a few months back – dead in the water by the way) and I seriously doubt he’d just relinquish the reins to someone who thinks completely differently. Second thing is that World of Tanks is no longer a game. It’s a machine. A well-oiled money making machine. That’s meant neither as a praise nor as an insult – it’s simply a fact. There’s merchandise, there’s their expo in Moscow, they are opening branches all over the place – hell, they are even opening a branch in Prague now.

World of Tanks is one of the most successful products in its category (PC games) in the last decade. But that means one thing. The shareholders or whoever acts on their behalf won’t let anyone touch their golden goose. Why would they when it’s all working so beautifully and unpopular ingame changes (RU players might remember the infamous Rubezh and Rubezhon patches) have an actual significant effect on Wargaming income.

And that, my friends, is the true meaning of game death for me. World of Tanks has nowhere to go because of its success in its current form. Sure, World of Tanks could introduce something completely unexpected like some sort of storyline campaign (that would be cool, a PvE mode like that playing as a tanker in WW2) but I think they won’t. Why risk a big change or an unpopular feature when the game makes so much money?

Now, you might be asking, what made me write this.


A couple of players reached out to me on AW forums asking whether this is true. It isn’t, but it got me thinking. There is nothing to return to, there is nowhere to go. I achieved what I wanted in World of Tanks by the introduction of Czechoslovak branch so unless I end up by some weird twist of fate (which I honestly can’t imagine) working for Wargaming, then no, I don’t plan to start writing about WoT or related stuff.

I mean, I tried, just check a couple of last posts on FTR. But it’s not the same anymore. Plus, honestly, I am writing whole day and as a hobby (slowly finishing the book, I can’t believe it’s been two years since I started) and the last thing I want to do in the evening at the moment is write some more. Usually I just sit down and play some Skyrim. Stealth archer FTW!

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