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What Players Are Saying: Type 62
2016-08-19 18:00:00 / News

The Type 62 has returned to Blitz! It’s lost its distinctive dragon camo, but keeps the gameplay that made the “Dragon” a player favorite. Read on for a look at what your fellow players are saying about why you should buy it, and how you should play it!

What Players Are Saying About the Type 62 “It’s really good… My first 15 games [I had] 1,930 average damage.” 
– Howitzer_155 “The Type 62 plays frighteningly close in style to the VK28, but with minor tweaks… Still gets those weird front armor bounces when at extreme angles, moves similarly, and has a decent snipe-y gun with less depression, but a heck of a lot more [damage per minute].” 
– Blartch “I love mine so far. Win, lose, or draw; the Credits are positive, even after firing HEAT rounds.”
– 1oldgrouch “”This thing is a beast in paper armor. The Premium ammo has a crazy 250 penetration value. I regretted not getting it back when it first came out. I am so glad I got a second chance.”
– _Weeping_Angel_ “Don’t tell my Victory this, but I think it’s my favorite tank in the game.”
– PA60Pilot “If you’re comfortable in light tanks or paper mediums, Type 62 all the way. It’s a fantastic tank, assuming you know how to play it right. Gun is great, no complaints at all. It’s very fast and nimble and circles tanks with ease. Only issue is the armor, but if you’re playing the tank right, that shouldn’t matter.”
– r4zrbl4de “Type 62… The most fun, Credit-earning tank in the game! ”
– Lokeen

Tips for Playing the Type 62 “Step 1: Drive around like a madman. Step 2: Shoot lots. Step 3: Profit!”
– christian1470 “Find and harass lone heavies and tank destroyers, but avoid lone tier VII and VIII mediums (especially tier VII ones, as they have the [damage per minute] to give you severe problems).” 
– pasdxd “I decided on rammer, vents and optics [for equipmen]. I didn’t notice a big difference when I dropped the [vertical stabilizer]. Still shoots great on the move. Plus, you should be aiming when you are not spotted anyway. The more you can maximize your viewrange the better. Viewrange is key and is both offensive and defensive.” 
– eric18989 “”You should be shooting tanks in the side or rear — if you are shooting them head-on then you are not playing that tank correctly. Use your speed to get behind them while your team distracts them.”
– chefejl74

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