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What to expect from the new season WGL?

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Dear players!

In connection with the emergence of various questions and rumors in our gaming community about Wargaming . net League Headquarters decided to clear the air. We are delighted that you follow the lives of the League, and we want to answer some questions.

When the new season starts?

Initially start of the season was scheduled for mid-December. In such a case would be played one round, and then the & hellip; And then Christmas, and New Year holidays, which a good half of the players will be a priority. As a result, we have revised the calendar and moved League start of the season on January 21 because I did not want to break up the holiday season.

What makes the team before the start of the season?

So you do not get bored, we have prepared for you set of Christmas activities. There were already two shows Clash Series , we now giving away 5 slots in the “Silver” and will soon announce the third tournament under the guise Clash Series , which you should appeal. And rest assured, this was not the end.

What are the main changes?

We have reformatted the structure of the League, that all was comfortable: the audience – watching players – playing staff – for all to follow.


  • We have made changes to the structure of the lungs Gold Series .
  • B Silver Series will participate 32 teams.
  • Completely changed the format Bronze Series .
  • introduced the concept Wildcards .

specifically – on.

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Gold Series

You rock and you’ll be fine!

Silver Series

B Silver Series will be a total of 32 teams (4 groups 8 teams), the best two of which flow directly into the top flight. 16 more will be able to play in the tournament Wildcard .

Bronze Series

First, the rush to register at open qualifications Silver Series . NSS Team y same luck caught by the tail and hit the division step higher, and you try!

In the second is Bronze Series now – a series of tournaments, not tied to a particular season. The purpose of the command “bronze” – score as many rating. 8 teams with the highest rating will be able to participate in Wildcard tournament. This is a chance to quickly move to the top flight. If you fail, you get into Silver Series.

Third, at the moment you are not a restriction regulations (and in this case an important off-season limited replacement), ie there is no transfer window. You are free to change your desired number of players in the team .

Wildcard? What Wildcard?

This is the most interesting change in the new season. Wildcard is a tournament for the 4 slots in the Gold Series , which at the end of the season will involve 32 teams: 4 of “gold”, 16 of “Silver” 8 of the “bronze” and 4 from the open qualifications.

The main advantage of this system: a strong team do not need to spend long seasons to get into the top flight. This can be done through the tournament Wildcard only to prove their skills.

We announce the season with all the details on the structure of each of the divisions after the new year. Do not worry and stay tuned!

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