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Hello everyone,

normally I am trying to avoid Wargaming topics in any way, but this is something that’s actually quite abstract and doesn’t apply to World of Tanks only. The French Tier 2-7 line is a good example.

Basically, what happened: Yuri Pasholok recently wrote in RU community an angry post that he proposed a tier 2 to 7 French HT line to Wargaming but “evil people” from balancing department threw his proposal out of window and only added tier 8, 9 and 10. Some idiots translated Yuri’s rant and dumped it in the western community without any context whatsoever as usual, making the balancing department look like bad guys – OMG, we could have had a tier 2 to 10 line but evil balancing scraps perfectly good proposals!!!1111


Let’s talk about the basic principles of creating tank lines in any tank game (WoT, AW, WT… whatever). Okay, maybe not WT, but whatever, you get my meaning. In order to be implemented, a line has to:

– be from an attractive nation (France has that covered)
– be full of realistic vehicles (more or less covered)
– be attractive to play

The last part is where Yuri’s line didn’t pass the check (I have a rough idea how his proposal looked like). Basically, it was full of TOGs, stuff like this:

Now, consider the TOG. Sure, it’s hilarious to watch in videos, but those of you who own it: do you actually REALLY enjoy it? Do you seriously play the TOG when you want to have results, or just to troll around? Because TOG is slow and big. Not a great combination. Yes, you can do well with it. Yes, it can grind money. But is it really, really FUN?

And now, imagine a whole line of them. Is that truly beneficial for any game, having a line of vulnerable, slow, derpy HT’s? You think the Japanese HTs are bad? Check out some of the French designs…

The reason for Yuri’s outburst isn’t the fact that the playerbase lost something amazingly fun, it’s the fact his collecting of resources for it went to waste as well as other reasons which I will not name here.

Generally speaking, creating lines that are not attractive to players is not a good idea and while I am sure many of you will not share my opinion, I think that there are very, very few things less attractive than a line full of massive, slow targets with mediocre armor.

Well, maybe a full megaderp arty line would come close :)

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