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Why You Should Join a Clan
2016-04-18 23:00:00 / News

We’ve been rolling out new features and additions to Clans ever since we introduced the functionality back in Update 2.0. Despite the benefits of being in a Clan, including improving your skills, building a community and saving you Credits, only about a quarter of players are in one! Here’s a few reasons you should think about joining up:

Training Rooms

Long requested by players, Training Rooms will be arriving with Update 2.9. Clans will be able to practice and battle together like never before. We’re excited to see what players come up with once Training Rooms are available, but the feature opens up a lot of possibility for Clans!

Supply Levels

Working towards a common goal is a great motivator, and Supply Levels are just that motivator for Clans! Work with your Clanmates to unlock new discounts on repairs, consumables, and a Garage slot purchasable with Credits! Those discounts are huge because they mean that over time, being in a Clan will save you Credits.

It’s Easy

Our developers are continuing to work on more great features for Clans, but to take advantage of them, you’ve got to join one! For information on how to find a Clan, click here.

Learn More

If you’re interested in reading more about the development of Clans, read our latest Developer Diary on the forums!

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