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Within a few weeks otgremevshego Grand Final as headquarters ready to please you another tournament under the auspices Wargaming . net League – skills Wild Cards Challenge .

This is a new format for the League and aims to help talented players to prove their skills and quickly reach the top division of the League. Commands such as NSS Team and Santa Claus and Six Deers already stun the audience with his rapid take-off, we now give a chance to other teams and prove themselves!

Registration for the qualification of Wild Cards Challenge is now open and will close on May 20 at 23:59 Moscow time. Do not miss your chance!

Region A: Registration

Region B: Registration

Region C: Date

Open qualification is designed for a maximum of 1024 teams and divided into three regions:

  • Area A (limit of 512 teams). Time zone UTC + 3. [1,999,065]
  • [1,999,032] Region [1,999,063] B [1,999,033] (limit of 256 teams). Time zone UTC + 6. [1,999,065]
  • [1,999,032] Region [1,999,063] C [1,999,033] (limit of 256 teams). Time zone UTC + 9. [1,999,065]

[1,999,008] At the end of qualifying the two best teams in the region A and one of the regions best team B and C receive quotas at Silver Series and get to the finals Wild Cards Challenge and will be able to compete for a place in Gold Series .

Yes, now it’s the reality: You can not fight a few long seasons, punching their way up, and immediately get into the top flight Wargaming . net League ! Do it will not be easy, but possible.


In an open qualification are not eligible the following commands:

  • 8 Team Bronze Series , who took 1-5 place in the Western Conference and 1-3-th place in the Eastern Conference at the end of last season,
  • 20 teams [1,999,063] Silver [1,999,063] Series [1,999,063], who took 1-5 th place in Group first round [1,999,063] Silver Series last season,
  • 12 teams that participated in the [1,999,063] Gold [1,999,063] Series last season.

The above command * automatically eligible to participate in the final tournament Wild Cards Challenge , which will be seeded according to the results of last season.

* Besides the commands:

  • occupied the 1-6 th, 11 th and 12 th place in the last season [1,999,063] Gold [1,999,063] Series; [1,999,065]
  • won 1st and 2nd places in the second round [1,999,063] Silver [1,999,063] Series [1,999,063]. [1,999,065]



postseason in each of the time zones are held on the Olympic system format Single Elimination Knockout of the tournament after a defeat. The final match in the Region instead of wires.

  • “Himmelsdorf.”
  • ” Prokhorovka. “
  • ” mines. “
  • ” Steppe “.
  • ” Cliff ” .
  • “Lasvill.”

Discover Regulations of the Open qualifying tournament Wild Cards Challenge .

section of forum qualification .

If you have any difficulty c registration form, you will help guide


Details of the final tournament of Wild Cards Challenge will be announced next week. Stay tuned.

All the battle!

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