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Wild Cards Challenge – a new format for the League, designed to help talented players to prove their skills and quickly reach the top division of the League. Commands such as NSS Team and Santa Claus and Six Deers already stun the audience with his rapid takeoff. This tournament will be held on a regular basis before the start of each new season WGL.

Tournament consists of five rounds of the system Single Elimination, and its follow-up of four new teams will be able to get into the Gold Series in the coming season. Yet, the participants of the final round, regardless of the outcome, guarantee a place in the Silver Series.

Broadcast started – June 3, at 18:00 Moscow time in the news and on our Twitch-channel .

Round 5

[1,999,021] [1,999,035] [1,999,023]

[1,999,039] All games will be shown live on our Twitch-kalale .



    [1,999,053] 8 winning teams round 2.





  • 4 winning team opened the qualification [1,999,126] Wild Cards Challenge [1,999,128]. [1,999,062]
  • [1,999,124] 8 top teams Bronze Series: 5 from [1,999,134] Western Conference [1,999,128] and 3 from [1,999,138] Eastern Conference [1,999,124]. [1,999,062]
  • [1,999,124] 2 best teams points among the teams took the 5th place [1,999,146] in the group stage last season Silver Series [1,999,128]. [1,999,062]
  • [1,999,124] 2 teams with the least points among teams , who took 4th place [1,999,154] in the group stage last season Silver Series [1,999,128]. [1,999,062]



[1,999,003] The very first step – Open qualification in three time zones: areas A, B and C. As a result of the qualification already determined the two best teams in the region A and one of the best team in the regions B and C: ArtFix , BSM , 1HP , ROYAL .

[1,999,003] These groups received quotas in the Silver Series, and got into the tournament and Wild Cards Challenge got a chance to compete for a place in the Gold Series.

Regulation finals of the Wild Cards Challenge .
section of the forum .

Everything in the battle!

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