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Winter Battle


Very soon, Jan. 5, the game will be a special game mode “Winter Battle”. This means that while away the winter evenings will be even more fun!

How to play in the new regime? It’s simple: select one of the three assessed tanks * (8-bit counterparts machines T 110 E 5, AMX 50 Foch (155) and LTTB) and click In battle ! . Then you will be taken to a special card, done in the style of eight-bit games.

Special tanks will be charged Jan. 5 at 9:00 (GMT). Players who at the time of accrual of these tanks will be in the game, you must exit the client and log in again – or play a random battle, at the end of which will be given special tanki.Spetsialnye tanks are designed exclusively for the game in the “Winter Battle”. Machines can not be sold and will be charged automatically.

What is important to know about the “Winter Battle”

  • When: January 5th 9:00 (GMT) January 8 to 15 : 30 (GMT).
  • combat: 7 minutes.
  • Format: 10 in 10-player mode “Random battle” or “Supervzvody” (up to 5 people). In this play only against the platoons platoon.
  • Victory Conditions: Destroy all enemy equipment or grab a single database (similar to the game mode “Meeting engagement”).


Special tanks. Brief explanation

Each of the three tanks has its own specialization. They can be divided into three obvious type:

  • “Soldier” (heavy tank)
  • “Sniper” (PT-ACS)
  • “Scout” (light tank).

In other words, there is a direct analogy with the usual standard game World [1,999,031] of [1,999,008] Tanks , where light tank intended to “shine”, heavy – to break through / hold the line, and PT-ACS – to put rare, but the impact and painful damage to the enemy. The only difference is that these tanks have an unusually large number of points of strength and some of the features:

  • Standard emblems, camouflage and labels are not available.
  • Statistics on the tanks is not conducted (misses the overall player statistics).
  • The crew invulnerable.

We should also talk about the shells. There are two types, and each of them has its own characteristics.

  • Conventional shells (bought for credits): destroying brick cubes (1 shot = 1 cc) and causing damage to the enemy (mostly armor).
  • Premium shells (bought for gold, and credits): healing allies (defined coefficient damage), destroy brick cubes (1 shot = 1 cc) and causing damage to the enemy (mostly armor).

Awards and combat missions

For winning players will be credited with a commemorative medal ” Operation & ldquo; Winter & rdquo; ».

In addition, as part of” Winter Battle “will be accesses combat missions for the implementation of which provides rewards *

“Winter fights”

Purpose Participate in 25 fights
  • +25 000 by combat experience;
  • + 25,000 Bonus crew
  • + 250000
  • In Ladder are only battles in which the player struck at least 500 points of damage.
  • The award will be credited to the tank, which completed the 25th fight (with at least 500 points of damage inflicted by enemy tanks).
  • task can be performed only five times for each account

Winter sniper”

Purpose Apply at least 3,300 points of damage per battle tanks enemy
  • + 1500 to combat experience;
  • + 1500 Bonus crew
  • + 10000
  • Only for PT-ACS.
  • tasks can be performed as many times

Winter heavyweight”

Purpose Apply at least 2,500 points of damage per battle enemy tanks Awards
  • + 1500 to combat experience;
  • + 1500 Bonus crew
  • + 10000
  • only heavy tank.
  • tasks can be performed as many times

W imny light”

Apply at least 1,700 damage per battle enemy tanks

  • + 1500 to combat experience ;
  • + 1500 Bonus crew
  • + 10000
  • only light tank.
  • task can be run as many times

Winter platoons “

Purpose Platoon cause at least 15,000 points of damage per battle enemy tanks
  • + 2500 to combat experience;
  • + 2500 to experience of the crew;
  • + 2 0000
  • only platoons.
  • tasks can be performed as many times

* Awards for combat missions are summarized.

Playing in the “Winter Battle” except for the above tasks, you will perform a variety of more hidden missions. Also, when calculating the award for the fight (experience credits) will be taken into account the presence of the player Premium account.

The whole experience earned in tanks after disconnecting game mode “Winter Battle” will go to the following tanks:

It does not matter whether these tanks you in the hangar at the time of completion of the special regime.

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