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Thanks to PlazmaKeks for letting me know!

Okay, after the arty mod rage, here’s another mod I really like for your consideration. I hope the reactions this time will be… less conflicting, because this is truly a work of art.


The Winter Mod is a complete overhaul of the game objects and maps to “winter” settings. Yes, that’s a shitload of work. Its author, Torsus_SD, did an amazing job (as did other people who worked on it). Here’s a 0.9.5 compatible version. You can download either a full, or a “light” version. Full version has everything, light version is missing the snowy tank textures.

Be warned, this mod is HUGE!

Full version link: here (3,1 GB)
Light version link: here (1,7 GB)

Please note:

This mod is NOT for very weak computers as it can decrease FPS drastically on older setups. If you experience such a thing and want to try it out, try turning off particle effects (the falling snow) by deleting the “particles” folder from the res_mods/0.9.5/ folder.

Source link.

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