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Hello everyone,

remember the Winter Mod? No? Let me refresh your memory then. Winter Mod is according to its authors the largest rework of the entire game. Basically, it turns all the maps and objects into their winter versions. The amount of work put into this mod is truly colossal and this year, it’s coming back for the holiday season with an updated version. Known RU modmaker, Torsus_SD is working on it. First builds are apparently available only to limited audience for now.

Announcing trailer (very pretty, IMHO):


Check this out – it has a beautiful winter hangar. This hangar was made from scratch by Torsus.


The hangar is built on a 2×2 km map with lots of lights. Yes, that’s an important part – this mod does NOT do well on weak computers, it requires significant resources to run, so you need a solid PC to enjoy it unfortunately.


Here’s a screenie from the reworked Siegfried Line.


Or check this out – night/winter Fisherman village, as Torsus says – his favourite.


Currently, Torsus is working 24/7 on the mod for it to be ready for the holiday season. When it IS ready, I will post it on FTR as well, because this is a mod I like very much.

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