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Winter Warfare: Clan Competition
2015-11-30 14:09:00 / News
If you haven’t yet joined a Clan in Blitz, here’s a great reason!

Our Winter Warfare competition pits Clan against Clan in a contest to see which Clan can deal the most damage! Members of the winning Clans will receive Premium time, while the top-performing members and leaders will also receive Gold and potentially rare Premium vehicles, including the legendary Type 59!

Competition Begins Monday, November 30, 13:00 PT / 16:00 ET
Competition Ends Sunday, December 13, 12:59 PT / 15:59 ET Rules Winning Clans will be determined by damage dealt by all members over during the competition. Damage dealt by players will only be counted if that player ends the competition as part of the Clan. If a player switches Clans during the competition, only the damage dealt while part of the Clan they end the competition with will be counted. Clans must have at least 25 members to participate. Prizes

1st Place Clan  Clan Leader:    14 Days Premium + Type 59  Best Player by Damage:    14 Days Premium + SU-122-44  Best Player by Destructions:    14 Days Premium + SU-122-44  Rest of Clan:    14 Days Premium
2nd Place Clan  Clan Leader:    10 Days Premium + 1,500  Best Player by Damage:    10 Days Premium + Panther M10  Best Player by Destructions:    10 Days Premium + Panther M10  Rest of Clan:    10 Days Premium
3rd Place Clan  Clan Leader:    7 Days Premium + 1,000  Best Player by Damage:    7 Days Premium + SU-100Y  Best Player by Destructions:    7 Days Premium + SU-100Y  Rest of Clan:    7 Days Premium
4th-10th Place Clans  Clan Leader:    5 Days Premium + 500  Best Player by Damage:    5 Days Premium + 500  Best Player by Destructions:    5 Days Premium + 500  Rest of Clan:    5 Days Premium
11th-20th Place Clan  Clan Leader:    3 Days Premium + 250  Best Player by Damage:    3 Days Premium + 250  Best Player by Destructions:    3 Days Premium + 250  Rest of Clan:    3 Days Premium


In addition to the prizes above, the 1st place Clan will also be rewarded with the opportunity to create their own emblem that will be added to the game. They will be the only Clan able to use this emblem.

Joining a Clan

What if you’re not in a Clan yet but want to participate in Winter Warfare? The Clan search feature will let you seek out a Clan that corresponds to your skill level and experience. On the Garage screen, tap on “Clans” under the drop-down menu in the upper left hand corner and then tap the magnifying glass icon in the upper right hand corner to begin your search!

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