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World of Tanks Assistant – 1.8 version for Android!

Your faithful friend and helper World of Tanks Assistant on Android-powered devices has been updated to version 1.8. Update has brought a lot of interesting functionality: clan wars, ranking clans, the chronicle, the tournament grid and much more.

Section “Chronicle” was even better: a new mode display gaming activity of your friends. One touch of the screen, you can switch to the “Charts” and to visualize the activity to see their friends in the last week. This mapping information is always clear who the players keeps himself in good shape and do not miss a single game day. You can also include notification of the battles of his friends to always be up to date. Thanks to the “Chronicle” commanders clans will follow the attendance of their subordinates, and recruiters – track the progress of candidates.

We decided to play as a team and choose a clan more impressive? The new version of WoT Assistant will help you with this. The “Clan Rankings» contains all the necessary information and even more:

  • read fluently with the best clans on various parameters.
  • Learn the position of any clan in all available rankings.
  • Study lists of the top 100 clans for different types of ratings.

Ability to choose the period of the rating, as well as displaying the daily growth will help clan fighters always keep abreast of tracking the progress of competitors .

choose province to capture ? Wot Assistant – an indispensable tool in this case. Search provinces incredibly simple and easy. There is a filter on the region and type of provinces, various sorting and search by name.

Want to take part in landing a tournament? Simply select the start or rebellious province of the region of interest and sort their income (to compete for the best tidbit card). If you already own province – open it in World of Tanks Assistant, to plan expansion. List of neighboring provinces, indicating the income will help you make the right choice. You can also view a list of all the clans – participants of the war on the Global map or map an event.

Wot Assistant continues to be transformed and takes the first steps towards the Material Design. Some screens completely redesigned to meet the new standards Google. Full list of changes in version 1.8:

  • List of provinces (regions, searching, sorting).
  • Rating clans.
  • Detailed rating clan.
  • top 100 clans.

  • Display Mode chronicles in the form of graphs.
  • Scoreboard.
  • Animated graphics on the summary.
  • Other improvements.

In addition, work continues on the new version for owners of devices based on iOS, and Windows Phone.

Your comments and suggestions help developers to continually improve the program. Share your opinion about the application can be Offline .

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